White Rabbit VR – Leading your business to the wonderland of virtual reality.

Why VR?

It’s more Effective – Students learn faster and better, reducing the need for retraining.

It’s cheaper – Lower materials, equipment and staff costs.

It’s safer –  Students can get a highly realistic experience of a potentially hazardous activity.

It’s portable – VR headsets can be easily packed up and shipped to any location.

It’s design-friendly – Prototype and test products virtually before taking them into the real world.

It’s cool – Employees prefer VR to any other form of training.

Uses for VR

Safety Training

Employee Onboarding

Remote Training

Virtual Tours

Skills Training

Museum Display

Educational Games


Why White Rabbit?

Founded in 2017, White Rabbit VR is one of the leading developers of enterprise VR solutions in Western Canada.  Our focus is on building strong ROI business cases for using VR for educational, training and safety applications. In addition to our cutting edge technology, we offer innovative financing models, such as joint IP shared development models, to help our clients achieve the benefits of VR faster and more affordably.
While we love to have fun with VR, we strive to ensure that, after the “Oh wow!” moment has worn off, you are left with a product that will:
• Save you money
• Make your workplace safer
• Make your workers more highly skilled and efficient
• Give you more (pandemic friendly) remote training options
• Leave you with engaged, enthusiastic workers who look forward to training

How We Do It

VR is always great at delivering a “Wow!” factor, but it’s not always good at delivering a “Why?” factor. Our approach is to focus – first, foremost and always – on the instructional and promotional goals you need to achieve, and then to marshal the tools and tricks of VR to produce these real-world results. Here are some examples of how we’ve done this:

Who We Are

Established in 2016, White Rabbit VR is a division of 
The Twisted Pair Group, a complete video and audio production company with over 25 years of experience throughout Western Canada.


“RDBID met with White Rabbit VR to discuss the idea of using three of our downtown Regina members as a pilot project to feature the Matterport 360 scan technology – as a means to showcase the importance of local businesses having their own online strategy that gives them a competitive edge. The process was efficient and the end product was fantastic! Not only were we impressed as an organization, but our members are eager to promote a new and innovative way to showcase their business virtually!”
• Dominika Deneve, Regina Downtown Business Improvement District

“Using virtual reality is a great way to create an immersive learning experience for students. This has been a great partnership with White Rabbit VR. We are excited to incorporate virtual reality into more of our programming and create engaging educational experiences for our students.”

• Paul Carter, dean for the Joseph A. Remai School of Construction and the School of Transportation at Sask Polytech

“We are very pleased with the final product from White Rabbit VR. The process of taping the tour was quick and easy. They answered our questions and delivered the finished product quickly and accurately.”

• Matthew Gourlie, Communications Coordinator, Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame

“One of the cool things about this partnership is that virtual reality takes the way we teach – in the classroom, on the work site, in demos – to a whole new level. This changes the game for us in so far as building stronger impressions in learning. It gives the user experience in navigating dangerous situations and developing safety management systems in a safe way.”

• Collin Pullar, President, Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association

Our Clients

White Rabbit VR is proud to provide VR services to a growing list of businesses, non-profits and educational institutions